What should my focus be…

For some reason I have been grappling with what my blog focus should be.  Sometimes, I think I should just keep it open ended, blogging about whatever comes to mind.  At other times, I think it sounds intriguing to develop a focused blog that will be more challenging to read and post.  So I guess I’m stuck somewhere in between, but it has caused me to realize that I have a tendency to go at things with less than full gusto, not because I don’t like giving 100%, but because my tendency is to over-commit and spread my time too thin.  I have also begun to realize that this spreads over in other areas of my life.

It is my heart’s desire to be used by God in mighty ways…and yet…I find myself busy with busyness.  I think God has laid a great test out there for Christians living in the western world.  There is so much good “stuff” to consume our time, that it becomes easy to push aside devotions, prayer life, careful study and discernment of the word of God.  I believe that Satan has gotten a foothold on our culture, by seemingly eliminating peoples’ “need” for God.

I pray that God will develop an attitude in me that says, “God use me at any time and in any way that you please”.  I pray for God to simplify my focus in life, so that all things would be for his ultimate glory!