Be Careful what you Pray for!

I often find myself asking God to do something “mighty” or “amazing” in my life or through my life.  Yet sometimes I wonder if I actually realize what I am asking for in my life.  Hear me out on my reasoning:

In order for God to do something mighty or amazing in me or through me, He would have to change me.  Because as an imperfect vessel of God’s grace, I am very “not” qualified or able to be a vessel through which God does something mighty or amazing.  So my prayer essentially becomes, God change me in order that you can do something mighty or amazing through me. 

But what does this biblical change look like?  I’m glad you asked.  Biblical change is not easy, because it requires becoming more “Christ-like”.  To become more “Christ-like”means, crucifying my life and desires of my flesh, taking every thought capitve and making it obedient to Christ, disciplining myself for the purpose of godliness, not transforming to the image of the world, etc.  Now those all sound like good christian things to do, but it’s the accomplishment of these ideals that makes it painful at times.

Because real biblical change is not just an idea, it is an action.  God has to plow through the soil of heart to uproot the seeds of selfish desire (as many of you may know that can be a painful process).  I must willingly face isolation because of holding to biblical beliefs in order to not conform to the image of this world.  I must sacrifice personal pleasure and hobbies in order to discipline myself to be more godly.  Real biblical change requires action.

My prayer asking God to do something “mighty” or “amazing” in my life or through my life, is essentially giving God the go ahead to make the painful changes in my life that need to be made.

So God….do something “mighty” or “amazing” in my life or through my life…I know what I’m asking for!

2 thoughts on “Be Careful what you Pray for!”

  1. I hardly feel qualified to be called a prayer warrior! I sincerely pray that God will cultivate in our Lighthouse dependence on Him through prayer.

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