Last night was the kick-off for our small group at First Family Church.  Our small group meets on Sunday nights, and we are known as the Squires Lighthouse (Lighthouse is the name used for the adult small group ministry at First Family Church).  We met at 5:00 pm for a shared meal, and then from 6:00 – 7:30 for discussion and prayer. 

For me, there is a sort of nervous, excitement on the first night of leading a “new” group.  I say “new” because our group was in existence last year, but we have added and subtracted some people.  As I “un-eloquently” attempted to express my vision for our lighthouse this year, God stirred the hearts of the people in our group, to confirm a like minded passion among the members in our lighthouse.  This passion manifested itself in many ways with several members confessing that they want to reach out and support the needs of people around them, a common burning desire for authenticity in relationships, and the agreement that we just don’t want to be “another small group”.  The passion that I felt among the members in our lighthouse, was a passion to be the church, to be the body of Christ embracing the gospel and God’s call on our individual lives.

This kick-off event has dominated my thoughts and prayers for the last 24 hours, as I boldly pray to God to do a mighty work in and through the lives of the people involved in our lighthouse!  I know that God is willing and able to fulfill that request.  My overwhelming emotion can ultimately be summed up in one simple word: EXCITEMENT!

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  1. I’m excited, too! I pray that God will stretch our group (and me personally!) as we seek to be more missions minded and others-centered!

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