Who Can Resist 23 Delicious Flavors?

For the last 11 weeks, I have been serving as “part-time” administrative assistant, since our office’s administrative assistant has been on maternity leave (only one week to go).  Since our office is rather small (6 people), they thought we could just get by without hiring a temp and that I could take care of most of the duties.  This past Wednesday we had a new printer delivered to our office.  Call me a geek, but I was rather excited by the opportunity to get to install it, since typically I work on the computer at least eight hours a day doing financial modeling for our clients.  So, needless to say, it was nice to get to do something unique and “work with my hands” for a little while.  I grabbed my freshly opened can of Dr. Pepper and went to work unpacking the 5 boxes of printer parts (there were a few add-ons) for our new Xerox Phaser.  I must say…it was a rather simple procedure, and it didn’t take me too long to get everything put together and working, but it was the highlight of my day!  So, I went back to the desk in my office to scroll through the e-mails I missed while I was out demonstrating my mechanical prowess.  As I settled in my chair to gauge my project list, I went to quench my thirst with a swig of pop…or so I thought…

…there was something wrong with my swig of pop…there was something else in my mouth…it wasn’t “liquidy”…it was “hard”…I had a mouth full of DP, so I couldn’t just spew it out anywhere…so I attempted to swallow the liquid, while refraining from swallowing the “hard” thing.  I didn’t know what to expect…I didn’t know if something had fallen in my can while I was working out at the printer or what.  Finally, after swallowing the liquid…I spit out the hard thing….to my horror it was an “asian lady beetle”!!!

My mouth tasted like the stench of these foul repulsive insects!  I was horrified…how could something dare screw up my can of Dr. Pepper?  I didn’t think the taste would ever go away.  I vowed vengeance on all “asian lady bettles” that dared to land in my office.  But then I realized…who can really resist the 23 delicious flavors of an ice cold can of Dr. Pepper?  So I washed out my mouth with a breakfast bar and happily returned to my can of 23 flavors (and there were only 23 flavors this time).

3 thoughts on “Who Can Resist 23 Delicious Flavors?”

  1. Great storytelling, babe! I share a similar horrific experience, but mine involved a can of Mountain Dew and a spider….

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