Day #1

I believe that today represented Day #1 of retraining myself of what it means to “serve my wife”.  My wife has been recently put on “modified bed rest” at 29 weeks for her pregnancy with our twins .  While this week was extremely stressful for me (I’m thankful no one was trying to take my blood pressure), I have felt God’s surpassing peace in a real way.  I have also come to a few very real conclusions:

1) My wife is a “super-mom” and “super-wife” (I knew this before now – just reiterated).  In other words, she makes things pretty easy for me.  While I work outside of the home, she works in the home preparing meals, doing laundry, keeping the house clean, taking care of the kids, paying bills, running errands, etc.  This enables us to have great family time every evening without worrying about taking care of the daily tasks that she is able to tackle.  Now that her “super-mom” and “super-wife” role looks different (i.e. bed rest caring for our newborn babies)…

2) I need to “fill” those shoes (as an act of love – Ephesians 5:25)

2) “I” cannot “fill” those shoes (not enough hours in the day).  However, I am confidently claiming the word of God as authority on this situation, “I can do all things through Him, who strengthens me” (Phil. 4:13).  The house may not be as clean and spotless, or the bills always paid on time, but I know that God will sustain us during this time.

4) I need the Lord to continue to teach me what it means to be a servant. I am thankful for God’s great shepherding in bringing about this area of sanctification in my life.  I know that I need to serve more joyfully and the Lord has given me many opportunities, starting with the wife that I married 46 months ago and our two kids!

5) I am thankful for the body of Christ.  Our families, Lighthouse group, and church family has been awesome and encouraging.  Thanks!


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