Challenged to be Moved

Today, our church was blessed to have a special speaker, Daniel Punnose from Gospel for Asia.  Daniel is the son of the founder of Gospel for Asia and author, K.P. Yohannan.  I have heard representatives from Gospel for Asia speak before, so last night I knew that this morning I would be faced with an eternally focused message.  In all honesty, there was a part of me that was fearful of that.  Sure enough, Daniel brought the word of God with conviction and sincerity.  Preaching from a familiar passage in John 4:27-35, he emphasized the last verse and Jesus instructions to his disciples…”lift up your eyes.”
For the better part of the past year, my wife and I have felt at times like we are running on empty.  Four kids, four and under presents its daily challenges, but the real challenge has come in my battle with my selfish, sinful nature.  In all honest, I feel much like the disciples in John 4:35, who are so concerned with the physical (i.e. the harvest is 4 months away), that I am missing the spiritual (i.e. the fields are white for the harvest).  It is apparent that when you are unable to take your eyes off of yourself, you miss the spiritual (“lift up your eyes”).  I wonder if perhaps I am not alone in this “confession of a selfish 21st century Christian”?  Not that it would make me feel any “better” about myself, because I know it is God who is stirring my heart (thankfully!).  But I have to come to the realization, that without making the choice of doing things differently, I am just going to have the same ho-hum spiritual results.  If I want a vibrant prayer life,then I need to eliminate the snooze button of my life and rise to pray while my family still sleeps.  If I want the word of God to speak to me, I have to desire it above my physical appetites.  This stirred heart of mine has challenged me to be moved!
Lord, you know all things and know my heart.  Lord, you know my weaknesses.  Move me.  Change me.  Teach me to live authentically so that because of the way that I’m living my life someone else will know the gospel!  Lift up my eyes and stamp eternity on them!  In Jesus’, precious, holy, saving name!

3 thoughts on “Challenged to be Moved”

  1. I feel the same way! Even the last couple weeks, I feel like God is stirring my heart! May God show us how we can live in such a way as to make an impact for the Kingdom!

  2. You aren't the only ones out there! Josh and I have had very honest conversations lately about our spiritual walk and how we are(n't) living out the gospel. It's convicting but exactly what we need!

    Not sure if you picked up K.P.'s book "The Road to Reality" last Sunday. We have been going through that book and it's been GREAT! Very eye-opening, paired with scripture, as to our sick condition as Americanized Christians. We are so hungry to live our lives to please God and I fear in a lot of ways we've been going through spiritual motions for years. It's making me physically ill at times.

    We will be praying that the hearts of all Christians will be awakened to the truth of the gospel and start LIVING it out rather than, re-reading, re-learning, re-studying and reciting it over and over to ourselves. It's time to DO IT!!!

    In sisterly love –


  3. Marti –

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm glad that God continues to refine us.

    I have read "The Road to Reality", previously and remember it being a "tough" read because of K.P. ability to strike the heart of American Christianity.

    I also have fallen privy to the "re-reading" and "re-studying" instead of just submitted to God.



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