Calling Myself Out

“The current Christianity, which for the most part is based on self, has lost its ability to influence society, and be what God truly intended.  Instead of living simple, devout, quiet and godly lives, like salt and light permeating society, the Church has too often turned to worldly, fleshly and carnal means to effect change.”

I stumbled upon the above quote, while reading “Touching Godliness through Submission” by K.P. Yohannan (founder of Gospel for Asia).  This quote has made me ponder a couple of things, 1) how does the church avoid fleshly means of effecting change, and 2) what does the simple, devout life look like?

I can’t help but at times become disenchanted with the way the church today attempts to provide the “wow” factor.  There’s always some new fangled method of witnessing or worshiping.  A “new” way to respond to God.  I realize that not all churches fit this mold, but I fear that most churches use more “worldly, fleshly and carnal means to effect change” than they would ever care to realize or admit.  Perhaps the need to provide a “wow” factor is a function of our microwave cooking society, maybe we’re just missing “it”.  Like missing the forest for the trees.  I thank God that my inner soul seeks to resist this type of Christianity.

I truly desire to live a simple, devout, quiet and godly life.  I want my life to be described like that, and I want my worship to be portrayed like that.  I want simple devotion to reign in my life.  I don’t need to know or have all the theological answers, I just need to know God.  My arguments don’t have to be perfect, my rationale without dent, or my logic without flaw.  My soul just needs simple submission.

Perhaps this is all too “pie in the sky” ish…too theoretical…too disgruntled….too simplistic…too ______ (you fill in the blank).

Or perhaps, this is God calling me out.  Calling me to a lifestyle of unmistakable submission to the one who made me, the one who gave me new life.

3 thoughts on “Calling Myself Out”

  1. Good thoughts! I like your last paragraph–"a lifestyle of unmistakable submission to the One who made me…." I'm glad that you're leading the way as our family strives for that kind of lifestyle!

  2. That is one of my favorite books. So simple but yet so convicting. I too find it hard to live a life of simple devotion and worship when our Christian lives are so "busy" doing this ministry and attending that Christian event.

  3. Amber – I'm not quite half way through the book, but it has certainly been challenging. How have you addressed avoiding the busy life of ministry and attending Christian events?


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