God Still Sustains

July 14, 2008 was a difficult day for our family.  We lost a child to miscarriage.  Though God certainly sustained us through the trial and has given great hope of this goodness through the trial.  While, I have not frequently written about the topic, it is certainly one that we are reminded of consistently.  Even though miscarriage is commonly a hush hush subject, the hurt is real because the life was real.  My wife and I know a lot of people who have endured or are enduring much more severe trials that either of us have endured in our lives.  Many people, myself formerly included, simply do not know the best way to respond to situations like this.  The truth is, the response to these situations never change, for God alone can sustain and heal the broken hearted.  There are many beautiful promises written in God’s love letter to mankind, but do we believe them in the midst of trial?  I mean do we REALLY believe them, or are we just giving lip service to them?

Today, two years later, the loss still hurts, but there is no victory for death for it holds no sting.  Praise God for his giving of new life and for life eternal.