Unmistakable Submission: Marriage

In my previous post, I mentioned the tugging on my heart to embrace unmistakable submission to the One who made me.  To some, the concept of submission, especially to authority, always sounds negative as if someone is robbing them of their freedom.  The best example is the “ole’ ball and chain” mentality our society holds towards marriage.  This concept is one that society has loved to make a mockery of, because our society is bent against God.  Our society has cheapened every aspect of Christian marriage, sexually, relationally, and spiritually.  Just think of popular sitcoms on television and the various prime time soap operas.  Can anyone truly name a television show that models what true Christian marriage looks like.  Of course not, our society is bent on making us all feel better about our marital “shortcomings” by holding out the extreme and causing us to laugh about them.  In reality, our lack of submission in an affront to a perfect holy God.  While I agree that it’s good to acknowledge that we will never have a “perfect” marriage, I think it would do us all a world of good to hold out the other extreme… the perfect relationship that Christ Jesus has with the church.  We should learn from the life and ministry of Jesus what true submission looks like.  Although he was given all authority, he limited his authority to be in submission to the will of His Father.

I praise God that my wife and I both embrace the mentality of Christian marriage and reject what our society has to say. With God’s help we will strive to fruitfully develop the qualities of biblical submission in our hearts that you desire.

Father God, I praise God for your wonderful institution of marriage and the beautiful model provided throughout scripture.  Transform my mind and will to be marked with unmistakable submission in my marriage.  Let your will and authority reign.  Make our marriage “different” not just better.  In Jesus’ precious, holy, saving name! ~ Travis

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  1. Really good post, honey. I'm so thankful to have a husband who strives after the biblical model of marriage. Together with you, I pray that, with God's help, our marriage will be everything He wants it to be!

    I love you.

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