Submission Quiz – Did I scare you away?

I’ve been slowly working through the book, “Touching Godliness through Submission” by K.P. Yohannan (founder of Gospel for Asia).  Side Note – Please consider supporting Gospel for Asia, they are doing some great things for the Kingdom!   The following is a little snippet from the book that has caused me to do some pondering… join me if you will…

Why is it our flesh hates submission and resists learning about it?

It’s because submission requires brokenness – humblings ourselves…

There was no rebellion in Christ, he was the embodiment of submission and surrender, even though at the same time He was God. 

Rebellion is the seed of Satan because it was through rebellion against authority that he became Satan…. Thus, the seed of sin is rebellion.  Through the sin of Adam, our lives all begin with the spirit of rebellion.  In Christ we are called out of rebellion into obedience by submitting to the authority of God. 

May we allow the Lord to change us more and more into the likeness of Christ until there is nothing left in us from the ruler of this world. 

I praise God that my life no longer has to be marked by the spirit of rebellion.  I just wish it contained more obedience, more submitting to the authority of God, more denying my fleshly desires, more likeness of Christ in me… my look in the mirror reveals too much leftovers from the spirit of rebellion from the ruler of this world.

Will you look in the mirror too?  Will you compare the embodiment of submission and surrender in the Lord Savior Jesus against the evil seed of sin in the liar Satan?  If no, why not?  If yes, you are not alone…

Blessings in joining you,