Revival and Eternal Impact

In light of my most recent blog post on Hezekiah and Revival, I have been attempting to cultivate a heart of responsivness in my life through godly disciplines.  Over the past fews days, I’ve had some blessed time of communion with my Savior and he has been faithful in teaching me and growing me.

Recently, I’ve been reminded of how quickly “life can pass you by.”  This year has marked my 11th as a Christian, 8 years since high school graduation, celebrating my 5th anniversary with my wife, and 4 years since receiving my finance degree and moving to the Des Moines area.  The concept that “time flies” has become an all too real cliche’ and it causes me to ponder my responsiveness of God in the wake of a busy life.  The last thing I want is to wake up a year from now and say, “wow, I really didn’t make much impact for eternity’s sake during the past 12 months.”

We learn from King Hezekiah in 2 Chronicles that he certainly did what was pleasing, right, and true before the Lord his God (2 Chron. 21:20).   He made an impact for eternity.  While his name might not always be the first one you think of regarding God’s people (i.e. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, etc.), for the people who lived during his reign, you bet he made an impact.

[albeit the nation fell into sin and idol worship again – see Manasseh in 2 Chron. 33]

Have you considered how you may be able to make an impact for eternity?  Or do you just leave that up the so-called spiritual giants?  I think for too long, I’ve allowed myself to give lip service to that statement while sitting in the wings waiting for others to take the lead in making an impact.  While I may never have the opportunity to impact people as a leader such as Hezekiah did in his reign as king, I do have the same opportunity to choose this day, if I will be responsive to the Lord.  My impact may not reach to the ends of the earth, my circle of influence may remain relatively small, but if I do what is right and true, it will rise up before the eyes of the Lord my God.