New Year New Reads

First off, I enjoy reading and learning.  I believe that one should strive to read good books on a consistent basis and as Christians we should be even more intentional about reading the Word of God.  I know I should have had this figured out prior to the “New Year” but I’m hoping to decide on a bible reading plan to help keep me more focused and disciplined.  As the saying goes, “without a plan the people perish”.  For me, without a reading plan my spirituality languishes.  Perhaps you fall prone to periods of less than diligent bible reading, then join me in a reading plan.  God’s Word is rich and true and life-changing, and the only way to develop a true, biblical, eternal outlook on life!

I am also planning to be more intentional about my “other” reading, trying to consistently work my way through “other” books.  I hope to have a steady slate of theology, Christian living, and professional development books.

It’s a New Year that I hope to fill with new “reads”!

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