Committing to "Doing"

I’m going public with my intentions.  After reading through the book “Radical” by David Platt, I am embracing the challenge to read through the bible and pray for the entire world in one year.  Now doesn’t that just sound like some “super-Christian” statement?  I thought you would be impressed!  The reality is, it is not impressive, it should be “normal” for me and for many other Christians.   As American Christians, I sometimes wonder if we spend more time “planning” how we are going to do something and “brainstorming” the most effective methods, instead of just simply “doing” it.  This year I want to replace my planning and brainstorming with “doing”.

So, last night I began my reading plan for the year.  Yes, I do realize that it is more proper to start the reading plan on January 1st instead of Februray 1st.  It’s amazing how many different “reading plan” options are out there.  You can basically customive your plan to your liking (but does every reading plan really have to start on January 1st).   Personally, I’m using the following webiste and plan to accomplish my reading goals for the year (My Reading Plan).  Pray for me that God will use my commitment to ignite a deep, hungering passion for his world over the next 12 months.

I suppose some people may be curious about what it means to pray for the entire world over the next year.  Operation World is a great resource and the one that I will be using.  It outlines prayer needs for every nation in the world, and it simply walks you through praying for them on a daily basis.  From what little experience I have with the book so far, I am thoroughtly impressed and very excited to be embarking on this journey.  God has been teaching me that my heart for missions and the globe in lacking.  I need a deep spiritual revival to give me a glimpse of God’s heart for all nations.

The reality that I face is that I am much better at explaining, organizing, and planning than growing an intimate relationship with my heavenly father on a daily basis.  I want less of my man-made ways of running my life and more of Jesus consuming every detail of who I am.


2 thoughts on “Committing to "Doing"”

  1. Praise God brother! I rejoice when I read that people are going to spend more time in His Word and in prayer. These go hand in hand (Acts 6:4). Both of these are so neglected today by the Western Church while our brethren in Africa and Asia have learned that they must depend on God and they do this in prayer and by staying in His Word. I pray that you will grow closer to Him during this time and your prayer life will grow more and more.

  2. Roy –
    Thanks for the encouragement! I am always grateful for the work that you do on your blog.


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