Working out God’s Word

The month of February has certainly been a very busy and impactful month in my life, no matter which way you attempt to define it: work, faith, family, finances.  Our family spent two separate three day periods away from home while I had to travel for work (we call these “mini-vacations”).  I also logged over 2000 work miles on my car.  These are certainly some tangible measures of a busy month.  Beyond the tangible, God was doing intangible work as he delivered on his promises while I committed at the beginning of the month to seek Him more intentially.

1.  Work can become a consuming force in my life, if left unchecked.

This year has marked quite a few changes for me in my workload.  I have accepted some new roles within my office, while transitioning out of some of my past roles.  All of which is very exciting and fulfilling to me, as I truly love the work that I do.  In general, I would classify myself as a driven person.  Growing up, this trait fleshed itself out as academic and athletic success.  Now in the workplace, it becomes a zeal to serve our clients better in our relationship based business.  God has simply taught me that my zeal for him must be above all other zeals (i.e. work, sports, family, etc.).  Or simply, no other gods before Him!  I believe that God is delivering on His promises.  As I seek Him, He is directing my zeal towards the heavenly things that truly matter.

2.  God is forever faithful to His promises.

This one is definitely not a “news flash”.  I have known this to be true for a long time, but it never ceases to amaze me when and how God delivers on his promises.  This month, his provision for our daily needs and financial provision have been at the forefront of my  mind.  Just days ago, my wife and I scheduled my last student loan payments and my family is now debt free (except for our home).  It’s a freeing feeling.  The bondage is gone as God provided the path to freedom.

That’s two for now.  I hope to outline some more in the coming days!


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