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Book Review: Raising a Modern-day Knight

Today, I just finished a very good book recommended to me by some Christian men.  The book is titled, “Raising a Modern-day Knight,” written by Robert Lewis (published by Focus on the Family).  The book’s stated purpose is to expound upon the father’s role in guiding his son toward authentic manhood.

This book hits on a variety of topics regarding parenting, but perhaps more importantly, the book cast a vision for men who are raising sons in a culture that seeks to blur the lines of gender while redefining what it means to a “man”.  Even though my son is only five years old, I am deeply concerned about what is going on in this culture as I seek to raise my son to love God and become a man of honor.

This book takes a stroll down history lane to the concept of knighthood, which was fascinating to me.  While knighthood is far removed from our secular culture in America, the principles hold some timeless truths that became more evident to me while reading this ‘manual’.  There were parts of this book that were perhaps a little premature for my stage in parenting my son.  However, that does not change the effectiveness of the message in my opinion.  Father’s with sons of all ages would gain godly wisdom from reading this book.

As fathers, we need to begin to ask ourselves, “how can I raise my boy into a man?”.   My son is only five years old, but every day that passes by will be a day that I can’t have back with him.  As fast as the first five years have gone, it’s hard to fathom how quickly the next 13 will go.  It forces me to take a hard, uncomfortable look in the mirror, and ask myself, “am I doing everything that I can to accomplish the vision I have for my son?”  Obviously, this question reaches further than just to my first-born son and extends to my three daughters, but there seems to be extra weight upon my shoulders in raising a son.  I see how he watches my every move and desires to be like me.  He cherishes every moment that we get to spend together alone, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time.  These events truly warm my heart and give me deep satisfaction.  However, there are moments when I know I have disappointment him, and I must live with that sting.

I pray that I am able to fully embrace the vision for raising my son towards a vision for authentic manhood.  I pray and hope that I am able to give him not only good things in this life, but the best things and most important things in this life.


New Year New Reads

First off, I enjoy reading and learning.  I believe that one should strive to read good books on a consistent basis and as Christians we should be even more intentional about reading the Word of God.  I know I should have had this figured out prior to the “New Year” but I’m hoping to decide on a bible reading plan to help keep me more focused and disciplined.  As the saying goes, “without a plan the people perish”.  For me, without a reading plan my spirituality languishes.  Perhaps you fall prone to periods of less than diligent bible reading, then join me in a reading plan.  God’s Word is rich and true and life-changing, and the only way to develop a true, biblical, eternal outlook on life!

I am also planning to be more intentional about my “other” reading, trying to consistently work my way through “other” books.  I hope to have a steady slate of theology, Christian living, and professional development books.

It’s a New Year that I hope to fill with new “reads”!